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Jan. 3rd, 2017 11:45 am
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Please be so kind as to stick the below who/what/when info etc at the top of your log, and don't forget to use the #cetagandan base and #barrayaran camp tags!

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Who: Everyone
What: The sun finally comes out in proper spring, the labs are full of excitement, and Piotr prepares for real war. Your princess is in another castle.
When: April 1st - 18th
Where: the Barrayaran camp, the Cetagandan base, Riverfall Village
Warnings: TBD

it's a psalm from the book of lies )
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Who: Lakshmi ( [personal profile] shri ) & Vorinnis
What: Lakshmi signed up to the Imperial Rangers, and some poor sod has to train her.
When: Around the 3/April
Where: Training grounds
Warnings: Someone should probably warn Vorinnis?
Did Negri eavesdrop?: Probably.

with all the force of frustrating the Vor )
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Who: Piotr and Sonia
What: Piotr only deals in tough love, when he deals at all.
When: March 29th
Where: the Vorbarra tent
Warnings: N/A
Did Negri eavesdrop?: Yes

and you wanted something better )
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Who: Everyone!
What: The skies finally lighten, and so do spirits, but there are still quiet machinations in the dark. The good doctor's fate is finally decided.
When: March 18th - 31st
Where: Barrayaran camp, Cetagandan base & Riverfall Village
Warnings: TBD

cruelty makes its holes )
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Who: Diya d'Zefyst
What: Diya receives some unexpected correspondence from the Star Crèche -- from the Handmaiden herself.
When: February 26th
Where: Diya's quarters
Warnings: egregious poetry and perfume, sad gay???

it's all painted in her grief )
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Who: Everyone
What: Traitors exposed, celebrations had, sleight hands passing cards under the table. And so begin the preparations for what is soon to come.
When: February 18th - 28th
Where: Barrayaran camp / Cetagandan base
Warnings: Torture (interrogations thread)

someone is gathering every crumb you drop )
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Who: Byerly "Shitbird" Vorrutyer, Miles "Shitlord" Vorkosigan, and Piotr "Shitass" Vorkosigan
What: Spying? Spying.
When: February 17thish
Where: Barrayaran camp!
Warnings: Proposed shenanigans
Did Negri eavesdrop?: I assume Piotr has security against tiny malice

and your whisper stilled my heart )
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Who: d. dixon ([personal profile] pigsfeet) & your highness ([personal profile] shri)
What: two fuckups twiddle their thumbs in the timeout corner
When: ?todayish?
Where: cetagandan prison
Warnings: sadness
and time keeps dragging on. )
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Who: Zahal ghem-Zefyst and Diya d'Zefyst
What: Zahal and Diya discuss their plans for the exotics. Marriage doesn't always mean allegiance.
When: the 8th
Where: a war room in one of the tactical buildings
Warnings: marital discord

The tactical building is, perhaps to an outside viewer, an odd choice for a late-night meeting between spouses. )

Who: Diya d'Zefyst and a ghem lady scientist
What: One of Diya's scientists inadvertently sabotages
When: the evening of the 13th
Where: the medbay
Warnings: ~INTRIGUE~

That pneumatic hissing is still going on and off, and there's a rattle and a clatter and Lady Diya's low, quiet, outraged voice. )